'Scrolling in View' class-based interaction conflicting when multiple elements in view

I’m trying to set a class-based interaction for all images with the class ‘image’ to slowly move on scroll, but it seems it’s breaking when there a multiple on screen. Is this a simple fix that I’m just not seeing, or is it a limitation of having multiple of the same class on screen at once?

See preview here: http://millbrook.webflow.io/finance

Here is my public share link: LINK

Hi @Marxamus

Would it be possible to share your read only link please? I think it’s quite a simple issue, but easier if we can see your link and then demonstrate with your own project. :grin:

Apologies! Had included the link, but it wasn’t working for some reason. Have fixed now in my original post, but here’s the link again.

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Thanks for the link, all done… The beauty of interactions 2.0 is the ability to only affect the children on the same class, which is what you need in any instance where you have multiple interactions of the same class, on the same page.

Easier to do a video to explain… :grin:


That did the trick! Thanks so much, Markos. :blush:

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