Its posible to scroll to the right on my website. Why?

Hi All, I hope you can help me :slight_smile:

Its posible to scroll to the right on my website. Why?? It is not locked from side scrolling.

I cant seems to figure it out.

Here is my public share link:

Thanks a lot !


Please post your read only link, this way, so we can work with it.


This class .small-footer-text.qqqqwwq.yuttu.ffg.hjuy has a setting of “width: 1404px;” . Thats the reason.


Hey @VFJ99,

Seems like someone already sorted it out !

(Nice class name btw :joy:)

Wow the class names you use in your website are totally next level!! :joy:

Hey @VFJ99,

Also take a look at this

Thanks a lot everyone… My class names are just local danish ;-D Maybe after a couple of beers… Its hard to say :wink:

I still seem to have the same problem on the mobile version. Can anyone see the problem?



Yes you have remove the overflow hidden on the mask of the slider

Thank you zbrah… It seems a bit better… But isnt it still an issue?


Right i just realised you have an issue with one interaction.
Do this

And Add overflow hidden on this guy


You can also just do this :smile:

About the last pixel on the margin, the issue is here

You have no idea how big of a help this is… ! Thanks a lot :slight_smile: It looks like I am good to go now

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