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Wait what? Interface changes!

Wow, that was swift! Just changed from one page to another and the whole webflow interface gets changed! You guys are working non-stop aren’t you? Good on you guys!

From first view the interface seems way more accessible and synthesized. Loved the addition of the breadcrumbs at the bottom.

The separation of “add element” to “style element” is interesting. Counter-intuitive, since one is the sequence of the other, but separating them gives the opportunity to work on both simultaneously.

The ability to select multiple objects is a much more needed feature though. As well as the ability to style differently than by class (I know I can style child items but the current way feels a little weird, interface-wise).

Anyway, you guys rock!

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I like it. its like reading a book. You start form the left by adding an element, then dragging the element onto the canvas in the middle, then styling it on the right.

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Thanks for the feedback! Yeah moving the add panel to the left we weren’t 100% on, but it made sense to separate a list of elements from more dynamic website panels (style, settings, etc). We’ll see how it goes.

As for different type of selectors - we’ll be releasing something soon that you’ll like. :slight_smile: