Visibility based on condition


how to set other conditions to “Visibility & user access”? I see only user-state.

Zrzut ekranu 2023-12-13 o 17.42.14

Hey Maciej,

What condition are you trying to add?

I need to show content A to people who checked “Zgoda 2” and another content to people bo checked “Zgoda 3”.

Ah, no Webflow natively doesn’t have any conditional visibility support relating to custom fields. Typically I build that using custom code, or if security is an issue, a reverse proxy or remote data retrieval.

You can accomplish this with SA5 and a bit of custom code, to load the user’s custom fields and then manipulate your DOM accordingly.

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Bleh. Sounds quite difficult.

I rhino I will migrate to memberstack.

Thanks @memetican

Nah it’s like a line of code. But if you’re not a programmer, Memberstack should be able to offer a 100% nocode attribute-based visibility controls for your elements.

In general if you’re trying to access user info and do things with it in your site, Memberstack is setup to offer that natively.

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