Conditional visibility dependent on membership access group for links and elements

Hey im wondering if this is possible with Webflow Memberships.

I do understand that memberships is currently in beta, and it’s still a work in progress. But I wanted to know if this was possible.

I’m currently designing a site that has both access spicific pages for workers for announcements and important common files, as well as an ecommerce section where approved customers can buy products

Therefore both workers and clients will have accounts with specific page access
And while I do understand, that if either groups tries to access the other pages, they will not be able to.

I simply wanted to hide the option for them to know that that page exists if they are not logged in, or do not have that access.

Therefore empolyees can no see the store link or any reference to it, as clients can not see any refrence to the employee page. But these links and references, are visible when signed in.

Is this possible within Webflow? Or even with custom code?

Thanks in advance!

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Hopefully early 2023.

Currently the memberships team has indicated that element-level gating will be released in Dec based on auth state. If you’re logged in v. logged out, you’ll be able to control the visibility of specific elements.

That same capability should be expanded to access-group-level next.

I don’t know any more than that, but you should join the beta forum if you want to get the updates yourself.


Not yet natively, but they’ve said it’s coming soon.

In the mean time you can use some custom code to look for the login cookie.

I walked through this along with a screenshot in another forum post:

Hope that helps!

I hope this feature, I think it will be very useful to create better experiences.

In the interim, are you in need of a solution which allows access-group-specific element gating in an insecure way?

Insecure meaning that if scripts are disabled, it won’t work, and if someone looks at the page source code, they will be able to see the content you’ve access-gated.

I did see that they have updated and added the feature to hide/show elements depending on the log in/out status. But the ability to hide elements further by access group is still missing or work in progress.

But unfortunatly that would not work in the mean time. As I mentioned there would be two different access groups both with relativly sensitive information that should not be viewed by either party.

As one section will be an employee page with documents, general announcements, information, guidlines, & schedules. The other will be for Approved customers to be able to purchase items

As this website is for a disctribution company that requires a resellers permit in order to purchase wholesale items.

The company wanted to keep both access group seperate within there site. So customers shouldnt be able to view the employee portal/pages and vice versa.

Im sure eventually they will expand the conidtional viewing of elements to access group, but for right now I will work on the rest of the site and just try to hide things as best I can

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Another approach (beyond what I’ve linked to above) is to use a solution like Memberstack for now and once Webflow fills in the missing gaps with their own product, iteratively replace it.

Something like this can meet your immediate needs while still working towards your broader goal of using all native Webflow features in the future.

Yes I saw that.

Remember that your access-group-gated pages are fully secure. It’s only the elements & menu items that announce & link to them that would be “not fully secure”, i.e. dig into the code and you’d see those elements.

However getting those links to those secure pages won’t present a security risk, they’re in /sitemap.xml anyway.

Honestly, you have two real choices at this point. You could switch membership platforms to Memberstack as Chris suggested, which adds $25-$35/mo. It will give you gating, however, it’s not fully secure either since it operates externally to Webflow’s servers. Similar issues as above.

Option 2 is to run a second Webflow site for one of your two user groups. Slightly cheaper at $20/mo for the CMS plan, and stays on Memberships. Fully secure gating, since you know who can log in to each site, you display the right elements to them.

Fairly easy to do the clone and split, the big disadvantage is later, you’ll probably want to merge them and that means making the users ( of the site you’re liquidating ) go through onboarding again from an invite email.

I didn’t notice this, but that’s a separate issue from conditional visibility.

You should be able to block pages by access group.

So one group doesn’t have access to the others groups pages.

Is that not what you are finding?

The issue of displaying a link to that page, conditionally, depending upon the access group is what’s lacking in the current Webflow Memberships feature.

You could get creative and work with that limitation until Webflow creates this.

The issue isn’t really each group having access to certain pages.

As I know that by simply grouping customers and employees they wont be able to see/have access to each others pages and will just be met with the unauthorized access page instead.

This was much more on the visual asthetic of the page itself and design.
As the company had requested that neither customer nor employee can see that these pages also exisit really.

So if I was an emplyee entering and logging into the site. The only links and pages that I would see are employee related pages & Information. Prefferably unaware that the site also allows customers to purhcase or see the products.

Like you mentioned, currently while they would be able to see these links, upon clicking they would just be met with the unathorized access page.

So for right now I will just explain that it’s not possible for right now, but change it upon that feature becoming avalible.

For anyone out there who visits this thread, here’s a wishlist request about this very topic:

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Gating content by user groups without the ability to gate menu links by user group is really kind of useless, don’t you think. I’m surprised this hasn’t been addressed by now.

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Another lens to look through for this is the ability to upsell.

But it would be nice if we had an option to choose based on our specific needs, though.