Vimeo link not working on video widget

Hi everyone!

I have this weird issue with ONE Vimeo video, I paste the share link into the URL input hit enter (or click outside), go to preview and nothing shows up. Then I go back to the designer and the URL input looks empty again as if I’d never entered in the first place.

  • The Vimeo video is set to public and to embed anywhere.

  • This only happens with this particular video, I’ve tested it with other Vimeo links and it works fine.

  • I have embedded it with the HTML Embed widget as an iFrame and the video shows up with no problem.

Any thoughts on what could be happening here?

Thanks in advance!


This is the Vimeo link: Victory of Hearts on Vimeo
Here is my site Read-Only:

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Hmmm, seems to work as expected when I look at it.

  1. Paste this URL into the Video Settings:
  1. Video shows up in Preview

  2. Back out of preview, URL is still there and page displays visual of video.

hey! yeah I can see that now :confused: I was reading about it in another topic, it seems to have to do something about the video being just recently uploaded to Vimeo, this one was 2 days ago, I guess it just works now.

Thanks for your help and quick response!

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