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"Read More" link


I was searching forum for solution how to make “Read More” button, but didnt find a way that fits me.
So i made some brainstorm a here’s my decision, that u can use for styling blogs and news block on ur page.

  1. Make a general div “News” where the full article will be shown. Set margins and all that u need.
  2. Inside “News” div we create other div “NewsText”, where will be nested all the text u want. In my example its date and article text.
    The main thing u need to set in NewsText div is overflow-hidden, and height 60 px, so u can see only 2 lines of text.
  3. Then u need to make a “Read More…” link inside general “News” div. And set a trigger “Click” for it like this:

    The main thing is to check the “Limit to sibling elements” it makes ur link affect only 1 article it nested with.

Also i set a trigger scroll over, so the opened news closes automaticaly on scrolling over.

So the result is like this (its russian site, but i hope ull find the right place):

Hope that little feature was helpful.
Have a good time experiencing Webflow.
And thanks to all webflow team.:slight_smile: