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Video Tutorials Layout

This is perhaps an idiosyncratic request not about the software but about the layout of the
video tutorials.

When I’m on this page:

If I click on a video to watch it, why doesn’t it automatically play in the player above the
rows? The only way to get them to play there, instead of being taken to a new page (where
I can’t simultaneously see the thumbnails, while watching the video) is if I click play on the
video, and then, I can see subsequent thumbnails, but only in that row or category.

What I think would be better would be to have the video be fixed, and then you can scroll
through the rows of thumbnails (which should scroll underneath the fixed video, so that if
you realize that you’ve already watched a video, it’s really just a quick scroll of the mouse
wheel and a click to jump to the next video. No, need to go to a new page, like this:

Which requires clicking the thumbnails button at the top, the same as hitting the back button, in
order to go back to the thumbnails page. If you didn’t want to have the thumbnails be
scrolling underneath the video, then maybe some kind of slider beneath the video. I
want to be able to access all the thumbnails, easily, while watching the a particular video.

Also, in list view I can watch all the videos in a category via thumbnails once the video
starts playing on the courses page, but when they’re in a tiles format it doesn’t let me do that.

I imagine you’ve got an overhaul of the video tutorials in the works, so can you please
reconsider the layout as a part of that overhaul?

Hi @elcalibano, very interesting feedback, I can see how having a fixed video window would be useful. We will take a look a this :slight_smile: You are right, we are overhauling the help docs and videos, so expect improvements :slight_smile: Keep the feedback coming, it is very helpful :smile: