Video Player Gallery?

I’m going to build a site for a friend and he wants the video to play on top of the thumbnail rows when clicked…

Take a look at the example site below. When you click a thumbnail the video or image will pop up at the top of the page and the thumbnails will remain.

I remember I could do this in Squarespace… Forget what it’s called… Unsure if we can recreate in Webflow?!

Example site :

Absolutely! Here’s an example from a website I recently finished that shows team member pages with the rest of the team members below:

You can use the CMS with a dynamic video embed for each of your pages and have a collection list of the other videos below.

Does that help?

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Thank you! I looked at the ‘example’ I provided and you’re right!

Each post is its own page basically. Ok, we can do this!

Thank you!


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