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[Resolved] New Video Tutorials pane in the editor should not be placed near pages

I just got into webflow and theres a video tutorials pane on the menu bar. While I love the tutorials for brushing up, I don’t think it needs to be in the editor or at least give us the option of turning it off. Otherwise I would recommend moving it to the left of the undo/redo buttons. I must have clicked that 5 times in 10 minutes trying to go between pages.

Speaking of pages. I would love the ability to drag pages I"m working on into the left bar for quick access without going in to the menu. There is so much wasted space on that side that could easily have the pages just stacked switch to.

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Agree! I agree with DFink, as an “expert” i don’t want this Icon there, or allow us to hide it.

It’s in the right spot. I don’t know why you two wanting to hide this.

@Webflow Team Thanks for adding this up.

Because we don’t watch the tutorial videos except maybe a few times a year. You just joined, it makes sense you would want it but people like us don’t use it much hence my desire to move it or make it optional.

I maybe new here but I’m not new to web dev world. Been and still involved with different companies working UX/UI. Yes you’re correct this is favorable for most newbies; getting things familiarized.But anyway IMHO, this is some 'lil stuff that WF team need to focus on.

For the sake of a interesting conversation I am experienced with Webflow and this does not bother me at all. It’s just a button, I don’t ned to click it. Nothing have been moved for this button to take place. This is a tool for both pros and newbies. And maybe it make sense for everyone, pros and newbies, for the changes yet to come. I mean there maybe so many new things that everyone want this at hand.


Hey guys, we did run a short experiment with different placement locations, and ended up leaving it in the bottom “help” area of the UI. Thanks for all your feedback!


I think it’s in a good place. Sometimes even those experienced with Webflow may need to resort to a good old tutorial. Am I right @callmevlad!