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Can anyone please give me some tips on the elements needed to create a site that sells training videos in Webflow. I am interested in both an efficient and automated member access style, and a digital download style.

Also, wondering about making the videos self hosted as opposed to YouTube. I have asked about this before in a Webflow workshop, yet recieved a somewhat canned answer from Nelson taking why I would ever want to do that when there is YouTube. The answer would be for user experience, one of the main battle cries of the Webflow pitch. The YouTube logo/ecosystem significantly degrades deeper video experiences.


Hi @JasonG
Josh from Foxy here. You could lean on our shopping cart to handle the ecommerce side of things along with securely delivering download links to customers. With Foxy, you can host downloads with us (though our file size limit will probably be too small for videos), your own basic hosting account (ie: SiteGround), Amazon S3, or FetchApp.

Adding Foxy to your Webflow website takes only a couple of minutes. You’ll get access to our support team and a ton of functionality to help your online business: coupons, discounts, sell any type of product, security, and more.

You can learn more here: Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions at all or need help getting started:


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Silly. And somewhat typical of the Webflow experience. A bona fide question is met with an advertisement to spend a bunch more money.

Video trainings are a great way to profit and deliver value on the web. I’d love to see Webflow tackle these types of ways to generate income, rather than the pitch to merely inflate fees on clients.

That being said, if I do decide to go the Webflow route with setting up a site of this nature, I will definitely consider FoxyCart. Thanks Josh.

@JasonG Sorry that my reply came off as salesy and/or offensive. That was not my intention at all. Many of the feature requests Webflow users submit are specific to certain niches or business types. Unless Webflow decides to be a jack of all trades (which I don’t think they will) then there will always be a need for 3rd party services to fill the gap.

Webflow continues to offer more ways to integrate (Zapier, dynamic embeds) and things will only get better (API). Great things ahead! Let us know if we can help with anything.


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The first problem you will have with self hosting videos is the cost and there’s nothing wrong if you use youtube or vimeo

Yes there is nothing wrong with YouTube or Vimeo, except that they introduce distractions galore.

WebFlow uses self hosted videos on their home page, and they are gorgeous. All the talk about User Experience, yet silent mediocrity on the video front.

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