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Hi-res video e-commerce

I’m about to build a e-commerce selling hi-res videos and need some tips on where to host the videos.
Webflow and @foxy seems to be a good combo? Videos are quite heavy in size and I wonder where I should host them.

I started thinking that Webflow+Foxy+Vimeo could work, all specialized in their own field.
Any ideas or tips would helpful for right now.

@foxy, How does the purchase links work, I’ll guess there are unique once you customer do a purchase through the store so it really doesn’t matter where they are stored?

I would use either Vimeo Business or Wistia for the “showcasing” the video you are selling. This way you can add call to action right inside the video (in this case perhaps a buy button). They also allow you to lock down the video so they can’t be downloaded. I would probably still add a small water mark in the corner.

I would then email the buyer a download link to for example dropbox where customer can download the video.

Thanks for the answer @philipboomy.
So you would not use a automated solution like e-commerce with Foxy or Vimeos Video on demand?

Agreed. We’ve been using Vimeo Pro/Business/Plus in various projects for years. Hands down the smoothest, most reliable, fastest implementation of video we’ve seen. :sunglasses:

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Thanks @McGuire. Have you tried Vimeo’s Video on demand service as well?

Not yet, but I’m digging the concept. :+1:

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Well I might have misunderstood what you meant about selling videos. I thought you meant you would sell a video to them which they would then own. Like a sales video about their product that they would then upload to their website.
You are mentioning Video On-demand which is of course different. I believe Video On-demand billing is handled by Vimeo (I could be wrong)

For downloads of a for example product video then I would use Foxy of course for the sales part.

Hi @jorn.
I know we talked a little via email. As mentioned, with Foxy, you can host downloads with us, FetchApp, and on your own server or with Amazon. The latter two options are what I would recommend for larger files to keep costs down and prevent file size limitations.

When setting up a downloadable product with Foxy, you will use the “code” parameter to specify which downloadable needs to be delivered. The customer will receive a unique link to download the file. You can control how long the customer has to download the file and also how many times they can download it.

Another approach would be to deliver unique links to the private Vimeo video if you go that route. One approach would be to use product categories in Foxy to configure specific emails that go out. Another approach would be to modify the self-hosted downloads script a little to deliver a specified link instead of a dynamically generated link. If this is something you’re interested in, let us know and we could assist.

Hope this helps some. As always, if you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


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Thanks. The video on demand service from Vimeo also give you the option for me to offer a downloadable link and this is what I maybe want to use.

These videos are for customers to buy and use in production. Browse through what’s available and buy.

Thanks Josh, great tips. I now know that I have several routes to go here.

You are very welcome! We’re here to help if you need anything.


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