Video Testimonials - looking for recommendations

we’re looking into starting collecting video testimonials of our services and want to build a kind of a kind of love wall like here below. Any recommendations for an app/way to collect and publish video testimonials that work well with Webflow?

Easiest to store the testimonials in the CMS, and reference the video somewhere.
You have many options, depending on the client size, how they use social media, etc.

However the easiest way is to have the clients send you actual video files, and you then host them. For relatively short clips, you can do that pretty efficiently ( and free ) on Google Drive or Dropbox.

Youtube is another options, using unlisted video links.

There are some good paid hosting services as well like Vidzflow.

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Thank you Michael, id rather fully automate the video reviews collection and hosting process with something like Senja but wanted to know if there are any other apps that work well with Webflow…