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Can I use CMS to allow visitor video file uploads to a profile?

Hello, I have an idea of a website. I would probably use webflow and i need some help.
Long story short - my website will have profiles with some data in it and it will require a video. approximately 4-5min long. I would like this video to be uploaded on my website but to go under my youtube channel. Is that possible at all ?

Would you suggest using Zapier? Or what integration do you think would make this a possibility?

Thanks in advance


Webflow only supports background video uploads and not long form content, but you can actually accomplish what you want in reverse.

  1. Upload video to youtube
  2. Use Zapier to automatically push video to Webflow CMS item as a draft or published
  3. In Webflow complete any additional fields not provided by Zapier

You can pull in all kinds of info from the youtube video in Zapier from description, run time, title, thumbnail and so on.

It is necessary to setup all the fields in your CMS template prior to creating the zap so think carefully about what fields in Webflow will receive information fro the zap.

Hope this gets you an idea of the possiblilities.


Thanks for the reply Mathew!

This is exactly what I want to skip - manually uploading videos on my channel.

Silly sketch on paint.

I want my customer to have the option to upload it himself/herself on their own profile in my website.

Hey @qnyqny91

I adjusted the title of this post to clarify your request and hopefully get you the help you need.

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Thanks you, i like details this!