Video game built in Webflow 🎉

I built a video game in Webflow.

To say the least the project was a ‘difficult’ one, and very time consuming, I averaged to build this from start to finish in Webflow in about 8-9 hrs. (Excluding time it took to design this game)

2 hours were put in to build the content

7 hours was put in to build all the interactions.

This game features a HIT mark for where (in this case) the submarine was hit by the torpedo, 360 degree attack range of torpedoes which you are supposed to protect the submarine from, and a start over button at the end of the game to re-live the experience all over again. :wink:

NOTE: If you are playing this game on a very large monitor tell me if you were able to pass the game with no hits to the submarine, my record was only one hit, I have not been able to get 0 hits yet. :unamused:

This game is also mobile responsive.

Please like the game if you enjoyed it, from the video game design to the complex interactions this was one fun project. :slight_smile:

Check it out at:




YES! I beat the game :slight_smile: It took me 3 tries so I guess it’s well calibrated :slight_smile:


I guess I’m not fast enough :stuck_out_tongue: Have to try it again!

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