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🎮 Interactive Mario Maze Game

Hello all!

Here’s a little side project that I just completed for fun. The Mario Maze Game is created 100% in Webflow with no code!

Play this simple game in your browser. Try and get your character to the opposite side first to win, but watch out because the other player is building walls to block your path. It’s a maze that is being built while you are running it.

My background is in video editing/animation and graphic design so playing around with Webflow iX2 is a natural fit. The animation and interactions are all handled with the built in Interactions 2.0. As a side project, I’ve worked on it here and there, but I got some inspiration recently and decided to rebuild the project from the ground up and use iX2. I utilized everything from page load, hover, click, element, and class interactions.

Webflow is my playground! Feedback is welcome.

Grab a friend or play against yourself.
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