Video CMS embed help

Hello. I’ve been trying to add a Youtube video to one of my collection pages but at first it is appearing on all pages. Is this because I did it manually? How can I reference the video from a CMS video field and bind it?? thank you

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Hi Karla, it works the same as other CMS field bindings.
Check the video I attached to my previous reply if you need to review that.

Video elements can be bound the CMS video fields.
If you’ve dropped a YouTube element on your canvas and you’re not seeing binding options, it’s likely that you need a Video element instead.

Reason being, the CMS doesn’t have a “YouTube” field type, only a more general “Video” field type.

Omg thank you @memetican !! It was absolutely the YouTube element. The video helped me to get a starting understanding and little things like this is learning as I go with googling.