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CMS Collection- I need to add few videos in ONE project but not all

Hi everyone,
I am working on my portfolio website currently and I was just wondering is it possible for me to add videos to “some of my CMS pages” not all. I was trying to add it manually but it didn’t work.

Some projects I do have videos to showcase but other pages might be only static photos.

Is there anyone who can help me with this?

Screenshot above is my CMS field collection list I’m currently using, and the second screenshot showing that I couldn’t link my cms as well (Get Video from “No fields to connect to”).

Thank you
Jh Tan

Here is my public share link:

A good technique is to use a rich text field which supports embedding videos and adding images. If nothing is in the field then nothing will display in the template. By using an additional field you can incorporate into your template as you need.

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Thank you! It solved my problem! :grin: