Youtube Video Element to connect with CMS

Very simple,

the youtube element needs to have a connection to CMS, so simple.
Just build a CMS element that is a youtube only link, just like there are currently links in the cms… so this new youtube link in the cms settings will be able to connect to the youtube element.

So simple, I cant build it on my chrome extension AidKit for Webflow as its to integrated with the backend, but I hope you guys can please solve this, should be super simple.

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CMS video fields are not YouTube-specific, so it’s not possible to bind them to a YouTube element. The YouTube player cannot deal with e.g. a Vimeo or Loom vid.

If you use the Video element instead, it binds fine.

I also don’t see the CMS bind option for Video or YouTube blocks.

Surely it has to be possible to bind the URL to a CMS field :sweat_smile:?

  • Add a Video type field to your cms collection
  • Drop a Video element on your cms page ( not a youtube element )
  • Bind them

The biggest points of confusion I see are when designers try to bind a youtube element to a video field ( doesn’t work ) or when they use a Link or Text field in the CMS instead of a Video field.