Video and spacing issues

the more I adjust the video text and images the bigger the issue of things moving on me and when I get it right in desktop mode and tablet mode it gets off on the phone options…

I could use some help please… Is there a way to use different background images for each slide? I think my image is causing me great problems as I don’t have it as a background image… I have 5 slides with first 3 slides same and last to slides an additional picture… Am I doing something wrong???

the background image actually JUMPS while in design mode … this is frustratiing as I thought I had it right then it jumps to a different un cool look.

SEE ATTACHMENT shows extra space between ROW and above to the video slides… I am confused.
Thank you for the assistance. bruceo

Hi did you fix it? The sharing link doesn’t seem to work…

here is the sharing link hot off the site… any help to fix my mess (in a video would really help me… I seem to have trouble with images and text in my video slides… at one time I thought I had the DeskTop version looking correct … it just seems to get worse than better. any help and on a video for me to follow corrections would be so helpful to me. Thank you for responding so promptly. bruceo

Hi again,

Did you fix this? The sharing link still doesn’t work for me.

Hello Vincent, No I have not gotten this fixed yet. I have turned on Public View and hopefully now you can use the share link… this is the 3rd time so I hope it works if not I will need Tech Support to figure out why you cannot use the share link… I am eager to have your help. Thank you for responding to my request again. Please let me know if you can get to use the NEW share link this time.


The link works I’m looking at it now.

Ok so, I’ve been trying to show you how to do that on your slider but there are inexplicable bugs with it… I assume you’ve been tweaking it, maybe a bit too much, but it’s ok, it happens. My advice is to redo it from scratch, you’ll get a clean start.

So yes you can put images as backgrounds in slider. Just select the slide element (use the navigator) and give it a class, then from there add a bg.

Can you start by doing this and we’ll see after that what are the problems that are still there?

Vincent, OK I will start all over and hope that there will be less issues. Can I get back with you from this post or do I start all over with a new post?

I am really very very new with forums and sometimes don’t understand the flow of things.

I am very grateful for your time in helping me. I will start over now. bruceo

Let’s continue here :slight_smile: No problem.

It’s ok, you do great. Sorry for disappearing from time to time but that’s how it goes, we all have different lives and time zones, it’s not because I ask you for a complement of info that i’ll be back quickly. I think that I eventually always be back anyway.

HI Vincent, I am working on the new re-do with some slight changes and I
hope it improves the situation.

I will let you know when I have this redone and will be willing to wait
for your reply. Appreciate talking with you and hope I will get this
done as soon as possible.

Thank you Bruceo

Hello Vincent, ok I better stop until I get this right. Desk Top view and tablet seem to be ok. but with phone I am in trouble. please take a look around and see if you can see where I went wrong on this… hint I added the logo in the slide so not to have to add it as an image…

problems nav dots are now down to 4 in phone and I cannot figure how to bring them back? am I supposed to NOT SHOW THEM ?

Right arrow is OFF on mobile devices any suggestions… until I get this part right no sense adding my TEXT…

thank you again … bruceo

meant to say logo in Background sorry for not being clear… also was successful adding slide images into background which I did not do before… waiting for your response… have a nice day… bruceo

Hello Vincent, you are welcome to check out the site. I worked my but off to try not to get in trouble over and over again. Finally I was successful and went for it. it seems that it is very tricky getting background images to show up just right in the other mobile device formats… at times I could not even see the images… so I started all over again many times but am very happy now…

If you could take a look at my FAQs and give some advice on how to do the Show and Hide text I would appreciate it. Have the request posted yet no one has had the time yet to assist me. Had an old video but the Webflow was upgraded and totally confused me on the steps… Thank you for all the times you communicated with me. Have a nice day. BruceO O