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Mobile Pages with background issues and paragraph issues

Mobile Pages with background issues and paragraph issues
Using recent Chrome for design work.

I have tried many things and ultimately messed up my Desktop views and had to go back in and rebuild Desktop to look right now… but my mobile phone pages do not work correctly.

Is it possible to keep background for Desktop views but Remove it for Mobile Views???

Thank You BruceO

Hi @bruceo, you can format your text to fit into it’s parent’s background image by using padding:

Be carefule when using background images and text - instead try to follow the box model from our playground:

Also, please watch our intro series from start to finish:

Hope this helps! :smile:

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Hello Thank you for the information. Yes I had already spent much time reviewing your tutorial videos. Thank you for the suggestion. I am familiar with adding padding and working with positioning.

I thought you could address the background issue with suggested settings that I may not be doing properly specific for mobile phone views.

I really need to know if there is a way to TURN OFF the background image for just the mobile devices? If you could answer this question it will give me more direction for this project.

thank you Bruceo

After Rebuilding the Slide Show 2 more times I have managed to get a desired result. So thank you to all who have helped me on this project. I could not have made this site without you.!!!

Have a Nice Day and please consider this request for Help Closed. BruceO

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