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Need help with background image styling on section

Hello, it seems that I cannot get consistantancy with image background from the different views… Even looking at the site on laptop is not right vs my desktop wide monitor…Image sifts…
Also when adding the text it changes the position of the backgorund image… I must be missing something…

the Section bar for my navigation seems to double up in different views as well…
A video to help fix is Appreciated or screen shots…

Any and all help in the matter is appreciated…

Here is my public share link: [LINK][1]
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Hi @bruceo, thanks for reaching out. Are you trying to create a background image to be fixed on the entire body, or just for the section? It seems that the different views of the background image, is due to it being set to cover, and the styling of the element the background image is attached to, is styled differently on each viewport.

For example, take the maindivblock class, which has a 950px bottom padding, which is causing the element to have a larger overall height and more of the image is shown, as it is set to cover.

Check the same class at the Tablet view, and there is a big difference with only 99px bottom padding. The view is different, because the image is set to cover, and the overall height of the element has changed.

I would suggest to keep the padding consistent, or rather, get rid of the padding, and set a consistent height for the class instead.

I hope this helps!

Hello sorry it took me a bit to get in front of my machine this afternoon. I would like to know exactly how to make this image a BODY image that way when I add text the image will not enlarge or shift … that is strange when dealing with my text…

If after I have you show me exactly how to make the image a body image then hopefully the other views will be perfect?

never intended to add padding to the graphic only get it to fit so it looks right on my Main Home Page.

Any suggestions or corrections are appreciated… I will definately be looking to your additional suggestions.

Thank you sire for responding to my inquiry.

Bruce O

Hello CypberDave, could you address my question on how to make a fixed background image but for only home page?

Also I have a new issue I placed in the Forum … could you please take a minute to review how to change the color of the phone menu background as I cannot get to them and also need to fix position… eager for the help and it has now been a while …

Thank you for all of your help… always… bruceo

Hello I think I have worked through my issues with extra padding needing to be removed for my background to start to show up correctly. I have a huge issue.

Menu is not opening up where it can be read … need a DARKER …dark Blue Background like in Nav Bar and then Change positioning where it is easy to be viewed.

I am having trouble clicking on the links when they show there for I cannot change background color.

I believe the Menu seems to be working fine for DeskTop view and Tablet (using normal word links)

Any and all help is appreciated as I thought I was completed yet have Menu Problems. A short video would be a Great Help please. Thank you for the support. OPEN to any and all suggestions to make this site work properly.


Hi @bruceo, thanks for your patience, I am sorry for the delay, I try to get to all design help posts as quickly as possible :slight_smile:

I made a video that may help:

Let me know if any questions, I am happy to assist further.

Hello CyberDave, thank you for the video WOW you nailed it I get it… I did decide to allow background to scroll as text was being difficult to read over background but will use it on another project one day.

I have an issue I hope you can help me with … In Portrait Phone Display mode My Testimonials page is scrolling to right… I cannot see any spacing or paddings that would cause it to go way to the right … I am going nuts trying to find this error… it is not doing it on the landscape view nor are my other pages scrolling to the right… Please take a look when you get time … so I can try to get this site to closure…
Everyday I am learning more and more yet so much I don’t know … Thank you for all of the help CyberDave… you are AWESOME. bruceo

Hi @bruceo, thanks for your patience. I took a further look at the site, and it seems there is overflow caused by a manually placed line, in each of the testimonytext paragraphs.

I would remove that manual line, and use a border instead. See my attached video:

I hope this helps!

totally get it … this has happened to me once before… nuts… will need to use border… thank you CyberDave for solving the mystery… bruceo

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