Very slow Loading time

Hello there,

i have created a website using webflow:

My site is very slow to load, it takes 5 to 10 seconds to load every page, even the “about” and “contact” page which contain only a single image, take 5-10 seconds to load

every time it loads the page become blank white

I can understand why my “work” or “community” page might be slow, because there are graphics over here, but the “about” and “contact” pages are very light and still load very slowly

how can i optimize the website?

it might be the case that every time i switch a page it will load all the pages of the website?

maybe webflow is just providing bad connection to my site?

if i wont be able to fix that i will have to find somewhere else to host my site that will provide enough speed

i checked my preformance with google lighthouse and its pretty bad

hi @Nitzan_Tregerman the issue is related to your images as in total you are loading on initial load cca 14MB !!! of pictures that is why page will never load fast. Find some articles about image optimisation, image formats etc. to solve your issue.

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