Very slow first load and also the CMS

Our webpage is taking to long to show something for the first time.

It stay in blank and then show everything at the same time.

Please take a look and let me know what you think -

ok… strange…
Is the same behavior on your … site?

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Wow good question. I just tried and is much faster on the site

What could be?

I just delete MANY sections from my website changing the file size from 4 MB to 2 MB and the same thing.

If you share your Read-Only-Link i can check if i will find something :wink:

Share a project’s read-only link

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I tried to delete many files, sections, CMS, and the same.
The file size went from 4 MB to 2 MB and the same bad first load.

My concern is that even the .io domain receive the same qualification

We are going to give lifetime membership for Tiny Rockets haha… For real.

  1. Did you have some Anti-Tracking-Tool installed like “Bitdefender” …

  2. Try to remove your Google Analytics and/or Facebook Pixel…
    i think there is some error… because if i block them with a Anti-Tracking-Tool the website loads slow… :wink: if i unblock them then your website loads fast :wink:
    And Google will definitely block them at there Speedtests :wink:

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Loaded exactly the same for me for both webflow and non-webflow site. Almost instantly.

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Here is the link fixed:

Some people says that the webpage load fast with .io and .app :frowning:

We are very confused!

Did you tried to remove Analytics and/or FB Pixel?

@Orlando_Osorio - The primary domain is loading very fast for me. Here is a lighthouse audit screencap:


Maybe your solution