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Vertical Menu + Tab Functionality


I am wondering what the best way to recreate the menu/slider on this page, that serves content based on the menu link. I thought tabs would work but I don’t think this would look good on mobile since the tab titles would be too long.

Any suggestions?


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Hey David!

This shouldn’t be too hard! Check out @PixelGeek video on how to recreate the WF mega menu, it’s really quite similar (looks even better :slight_smile:)

Also maybe see this video too, you can just search for “Webflow menu” or “Webflow mega menu” on Google and find lots of resources and even clonable projects to get you started :smile:

Just ask if you feel like being stuck!

This is super helpful thanks!

I was hoping to use collection items for this though. I also wanted to clarify, the functionality I am looking for is on the menu further down on the page I linked to.

Can this be done by styling the tabs somehow? Or will I need to build it from scratch like in the video you referenced?

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You can definitely do this inside WF, maybe not with default components but with interactions and triggers

I’m mobile now, i hopefully can have a look tonight

Thank you again for your feedback!

I watched the two videos you suggested and the second WF mega menu build by @PixelGeek ut I can’t find any information about how to make any of them responsive. In the video comments there was a comment about making the menu responsive on another live but I couldn’t find anything related to it.

The second video covered making a footer responsive but I would really like to figure out how to make the menu responsive and show the hamburger menu like the navbar has.

Thank you!