Help on recreate a menu like this one


Do you think it is possible to create a menu like this one?

Basically, in the first column I would have a collection and, clicking on one item, in the second column it can open all related items to that collection (for example via multi-reference field).

Any idea, even custom code?

Thank you so much!

You can potentially use a Tabs component. You can style the Tabs Menu to be vertical to make it look like the first column.

Thank you @dennyhartanto!
This is a good path.

The only problem is that you cannot create a dynamic tabs menu based on a collection, or at least I can’t find a way to.

Yeap that is a bottleneck. Only way is static tabs menu and CMS tabs content. Or some weird custom code workaround

Anybody have a suggestion about a some custom code?
It is frustrating to have a potential solution but being stuck with this limitation.
I saw that people is asking for dynamic tabs since 2015, and webflow said “we will add in future”… :man_shrugging:

Timely question. I saw the navigation at and started to contemplate implementing something similar myself. I believe it should be possible using some div blocks, collection lists and animations. I wouldn’t use the standard Webflow navber. It has system defined classes that can complicate things.

There are a few moving parts to this type of navigation, so I would suggest planning it on paper first so you have an idea of all the divs that will be required. Once you know the required divs, you can start to define classes. I find this make the process of building things like this a little easier.

Please keep us posted if you find a solution that works. I’ll do the same, once I find time to get around to this project.

All the best!

Hi @tobymacleod

I was able to recreate a structure like that, and as you said, using interaction (or tabs as @dennyhartanto suggested) it is relatively simple.

The stuck is when you want to add dynamic content based on CMS. When you arrive at that point, for now no solution seems to exists (using only webflow native components).

We hope in some custom code (we can hope in dynamic tabs component provided by webflow too, but are years and there is no update about that).

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