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Nav Menu with Sub Menus

Hey guys,

It is my first time posting here. Excited to join the community.

Im interested in trying to build a nav menu that opens up a large block with sub menu options as shownhere.

I’d love to get input from you guys on way to build this in webflow.



Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hey @kettler,

Firstly, welcome to the community!

That menu is pretty awesome. And, totally do-able in Webflow.

I’d recommend checking out one of @PixelGeek’s videos on his personal YouTube channel where he recreates the ‘mega menu’ –

That’ll give you a great start in recreating this type of nav.

Good luck!

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Thanks for the mention. I’ll be doing an updated version of this menu tomorrow night on my personal stream. But this time using grid instead of flexbox. :grin::+1:


No worries @PixelGeek - thank you for all of the awesome content you put out! :webflow_heart:

Here’s the link :grin:

Hey @PixelGeek!

Both of these videos are great resources! Thank you very much for sharing. I’ve taken your project clone and worked backwards. This is the best way for me to learn.

One thing I’m trying to figure out would be to make the menu appear on click rather than hover.

All the best,

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Hey Guys,

Here is my initial attempt at my first mega menu. I also combined a fill Nav background on scroll.
Im now wondering how I can manage to to fill the nav background when a menu item is clicked and back to transparent when un-clicked? I think another way i could do this is just have a completely new nav bar drop in when clicked… just wondering if anyone has an idea for a cleaner way.


Oh here is my read only link: