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Suggestion for Restaurant Menu

Can anyone suggest a method for creating a Restaurant Menu that would play nicely with WebFlow? Of course looking for something that will work well as a responsive design.

I have seen some accordion types of objects (click/touch to expand and collapse) that I think may work, but not sure how to make that happen in WebFlow.

Well, I found this.

If anyone has a better suggestion for restaurant menu, please suggest.

Thanks :smile:

@mmediaman Are you also looking for a third party Restaurant Menu/Ordering system? If so, please let me know. :slight_smile: I’ve utilized a solution that can be used on pretty much any website, and would work beautifully in webflow. :slight_smile:

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This one is really nice: a full page with split image, split text.

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I think that tabs are good for a menu. Something like Fishes, Meats, desserts… in the upper side tabs and inside every one the different dishes. Withouth buttons, just hand writting type text, and a soft paper background

@StevenP , that menu at http://www.leliceas.fr/cartes/#01plats is interesting, but doesn’t seem to work well on phones.

@rafagama54 , TABS are a solution yes, but again, doesn’t look too great on a phone. Unless I’m doing something wrong with TABS in Webflow, they simply transform to stacked blocks on a phone.

Thanks for the ideas tho. :blush:

You mean this on the iphone?

But this is ok. What dou you expect then?

Agree with @mmediaman…tabs usually don’t appear great on mobile. I’d love to have Webflow to implement an option where you can have the tabs to be transformed into accordions on phone if you want. I’m thinking this out of an UX perspective. If you have large tabs they usually take up the whole screen and you can’t see the content when you press another tab.

I have that tab-solution suggested by @rafagama54 on one of my clients websites and it doesn’t transform very well on mobile sadly.

@rafagama54 Do you have the URL to a working example on a smartphone?

Sorry, just I remember to see it. @StevenP is right, you can not see the content because of the tabs. But if you add an icon to the tabs, in the mobile view you could show just the icons showing some tabs in a row.

I dont know if I explain well. Have a look to this not finished web http://carritoandaluz.webflow.io the tabs are small enough to fit 5 in a row.

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