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Vertical full height Navigation Menu

Hi all, here’s a demo of a site with vertical full height navbar. There are numerous request for this structure so here is a demo. Tags: anchor links, vertical, menu, fixed, sticky, ID

Site :

Read only :

Edit: I added a demo for CSS Sticky, newly supported by Webflow, inside of each section.


Thanx, much appreciated

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Hi @vincent , thanks for all your work on Webflow. As a new member, I’ve used lots of your advice on this forum to build my site.

Im sorry if you’ve answered this before but where is the custom CSS code for the sticky section you added? I see the vmsection Div block but couldnt find where the custom code goes?

Thanks again!

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You’re going to like this one. There’s no custom code for CSS Sticky, because Webflow supports it in the refresh of the UI panel.

Make sure you’re on the new panel, bring Sticky from the Position menu, and add a top or bottom value (even if it’s zero, type zero)

I’ve built an advanced demo for sticky / horiz scroll here:

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