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Side Nav Like Webflow Designer section @ Homepage

For a project that’s kind of an online rapport, I would love to have the very subtle side navigation used in the webflow homepage. It indicates what section you are and is clickable - Looks easy but I can’t figure it out. Thanks in advance!!!

Here is my public share link: ** Don’t have anything that’s even close…

Need it to work exactly like this

Those items are text links, and they point to each of the sections using an anchor link. So they highlight automatically when the sections are in view.

  1. define IDs for each of your sections in the page (select section, go to settings tab, add ID. No spaces, not dash, only letters and you’re fine)
  2. create your side menu, add text links and make each one points to its section (settings tab, anchor links)
  3. select one link that has the CURRENT class (a link with its linked section visible) and style it for the current class.
  4. test


So easy when you say it… Gonna take a stab at it! Love the Bacon :slight_smile:

Hi Vincent, If i could bother you once again. I’ve got the structure set. But if i’am correct the sticky section only stays sticky inside of the section it’s in. Would love to have it there when all the other section (chapters pass by. Or are we talking Fixed than? The example from the webflow page looks like the whole page is build in 1 big section… Woudl love to work with lots of sections on this one.

Maybe you could take a look