Fixed sidebar menu on scroll?

Hi guys,

Have a quick question: How can I best make a fixed sidebar menu in Webflow, which is fixed after in scrolls into the screen (like this one on the Webflow features page:


Follow this answer Thomas, that’s how it’s done at the moment with Webflow. Don’t overlook the Symbol advice, that’s what will make it easy to maintain down the road.

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I managed to put something together in about 15 minutes using scroll interactions. It’s a delicate operation and I didn’t bother to fine tune it, but it can be done. I’m sure there is a more elegant solution using interactions.

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Hi Cricitem (and vincent),

Many many thanks for your thoughtful replies! I’ve taking the time to try it out before replying as to not waste your time, but somehow I’ve gotten stuck… (I’m not such a Webflow hero yet I’m afraid). I have tried to replicate every last detail from your example, but no luck.

This is the webflow link: