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Shorcuts in the panel navigation : drag-up / drag-down

Hi :slight_smile:

For the next feature, in the panel navigation, possibility to drag-up and drag-down with shorcuts (like layers in Photoshop).
Because, sometimes it is not so obvious to move an element between two others elements.

Hi @thierry_vilaysi, you should already be able to do this, unless I’m misunderstanding your request. That’s one of the main uses of the navigation panel. Not sure what you mean by shortcuts, so maybe that’s the part I’m missing.


In Photoshop, I can move up and move down layers with shorcuts CTRL + ; (up) and CTRL + , (down).
It is more easier and faster.

In the Webflow’s navigation panel, it would be great if these shorcuts exist.

Sorry for my english. It is not very good.

Ah, gotcha. That’s a Photoshop feature that I never discovered even after daily use since v 1.0. (Not that 1.0 even had layers, but…)

Keyboard control of selected objects in the UI strikes me as tricky, though I guess it will be easy as soon as somebody rolls a good plug-in for it. But I’m guessing that we may have to “make do” with a much-upgraded Navigator that is coming soon. Who knows though, these guys are full of surprises.