Suggestion for an improved workflow on class selection

I think the following would be a nice improvement and is probably simple to implement.

Following situation:

  • I want to add the class imprint-companies-entry to an element
  • a class called imprint-companies exists
  • I type “imprint-com” into the class field, the following dropdown appears

If I now want to add the class imprint-companies-entry I will have to fully type it in and hit enter.

Wouldn’t it be nice, if I could partially complete the input with existing classes?

By using the arrow keys on my keyboard to select the entry imprint-companies it should complete the input field with imprint-companies, so I just need to type -entry.


That would be great. That’s we’re all used to do. And like you i often use this type of classnames in webflow.

Hey @Tom @vincent, try holding down Option/Alt while you press the up/down arrow keys after you refresh :wink:


finding out little hidden tips like this makes me happy. Like finding out the secret menu at in-and-out

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That is great! Thanks or the very very fast update :slight_smile:

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