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At the moment I have three WordPress blogs hosted by HawkHost. Now WP does offer site builders and page builders to use with the core, but to be honest with you they’re just not as good as Webflow. I’m wondering, have you given any thought to a Webflow plugin for WordPress?

I think Webflow is going on a different direction and, as a system of its own merit, is it a Wordpress alternative and I don’t see a plugin or integration in the near future.

Strategically, Webflow is a distinct platform, creating a plugin would just integrate it under the WP hat and for that you already have several website builders on the market.
I think that such approach would label Webflow as part of a service rather than a full stack platform and I believe that its not the way.

Even so, why do you feel the need for such a plugin?



There are already plug-ins that do what you describe here, both in WP or within various WP frameworks. I use Genesis for WP and there is an WYSIWYG editor snap-in for that specific framework that works great. I’d echo @nita_design here in saying that Webflow has a different market in mind and nothing I’ve ever read from them suggests that they are concerned about competing with WP in anything other than the CMS market. Webflow is unique in both focus and intent. It’s self-contained and after the plugins marketplace (for Webflow) launches that will be even more so. Webflow stands on it’s own because of it’s focus on the designer or creatives who want to build great websites. Designers and creatives who wish to code semantic HTML5/CSS3, without actually having to hand code it but also have the option to add custom code and use a hosted CMS (or not). It’s a great platform with excellent support from both the company and its community. Just read these forums and you’ll see that it’s on a different and better, more intimate level than most of what you’ll find on WP forums. Webflow is always listening to us and evolving for the better.

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That being said, there will always be cases that require export and integration with third-party CMS due to missing features or hard limits.

If you see my profile, there are some examples of projects that are converted to WP. It’s not that difficult to pull off (I only have about a year of WP experience!)

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