Using Webflow's CMS For Hosting Mp3

I am working on a client’s site using the webflow CMS. They are a church and want the capability of having their sermons posted on the their website. I was thinking of handling this through dynamic embeds from a third-party podcast hosting, but I was curious if it would be smart to just upload all the files through Webflow?

I know WebFlow uses a CDN so will this slow down the site if they just uploaded files via webflow?

Or will it be more wise to have another service host (podbean) to host the files and then use dynamic embed within a collection?

Hello @rileyj_s

In this particular case I would suggest to use a third party platform and use dynamic embeds to post them into the CMS. At this moment Webflow doesn’t support uploading files just images and video-backgrounds.


I have the same issue, which hosting service for mp3 would you recommend?

@Archimede - That would depend on your requirements. You could look at AWS using S3 and cloudfront if you have users all over or just S3. There are lots of options and which one is right for you should be based on your audience and their geography, level of performance, whether you need access control, file lifetimes, detailed logging, etc…

Hi @webdev thanks for your reply.
Basically I’m building a simple audio guide website, for the player I’m using the library so I need a link to put as audio source (for example: https://domain-name/my-audio.mp3)
but so far I keep getting a CORS error so I was wondering which hosting service I could use to reference my mp3 files

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You could use a website to host the files that was on a subdomain ( of the domain you host your Webflow project on (no CORS issue) or you could use any CDN provider that allows you to set a CORS header, like AWS. As long as you can set a CORS header you should be good to do. The rest to consider is performance. With a CDN you won’t see slow downs when traffic spike. For CDN’s I use AWS for large projects and Digital Ocean Spaces for smaller ones. Bunny CDN is easy to use as well. Do a little research and you will find a solution.

Its possible to host and run your music direct on Webflow CMS. Duplicate your Mp3 and then change the ending of the filename from .mp3 to .txt . Then upload the .txt file to the web flow assets panel. And it works fine. Have a look at my new Music album.

Greetings from Mallorca