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Is it possible to put audio files in a CMS Collection?

I have a lot of audio files which I thought to put on a CMS Collection?
Some of the post I want have 6 audiofiles, some only 2 and som 10 audiofiles.
Is that possible??

Can anybody help?? I really need this.
Thanks a lot :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Only video files are currently supported, not sound files.

However you can host your sounds on a platform like Soundcloud, and add the sounds as links to their player pages. Soundlcloud URLs can also be added inside of a RT element as media embeds.

thank you!

  • but when I have a lot of audiofiles (
    it costs $9.99 per month with Soundcloud? - these audio files which I have to upload is of speeches, some speeches last over 1 hour. And when you need 40 audio files of these speeches, it will cost at Soundcloud :unamused:

Is there no other platfoms which is for free? and which I can use with the CMS collection?
Thanks a lot for you answer :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Dear @vincent, do you have other solutions :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

have you tried ?

? this link does not work?

The Mixcloud link above?? It seems to work fine.

If not, you could simply type ‘Mixcloud’ into Google

it works now. Don’t know why it doesn’t work before?
And work it at that way that I can embed it on the site, and use it in my CMS?

I’ve never used Mixcloud or Soundcloud. You were asking for a free option, so I sent that as a possible solution. Maybe try to do what @vincent said above (add the links in your CMS to Mixcloud). Good luck.

You can do that with Youtube for free I guess, too.

you mean upload the audio files to youtube?
I don’t like that. I would like a link. Isn’t that possible?

Yes yes it’s possible. Host your audio files on a server, ftp, whatever hosting you already have and that os cheap enough. Then in your CMS collection you’ll add as many URL fields you need and gran the url of the audio files. Then, using a custom code Embed component, you’ll craft an HTML audio player, and you’ll use the CMS variables inside of the custom code to make the player play each audio files. You must even be able to have 1 audio player with a playlist of all your files.

But as for inside of Webflow, you can’t upload audio files, just video files. And you can totally upload audio as video, in Webflow. But I don’t know how much you can customize the video player to suit your needs.

My hosting provider is Webflow

so what to do @vincent, when my hosting is webflow :thinking:

You can explore this.

OK. I my mind don’t like to have a video of a audio file.
@vincent Is it only Webflow which don’t allow us to have a audio file in a website?

It’s just that audio file types aren’t allowed in Webflow yet. You can have audio files but they need to be hosted somewhere else for the time being.

And video files aren’t even, I was misleading earlier. The only video you can upload is for background videos and it comes with quite some limitations in size. Webflow supports video through either Youtube or Vimeo, or if you host the files by yourself. I guess support will come some day but there will be limitation or possible specific paid plans, because video files can consume a lot of space and above all, bandwidth, and that comes with extra costs.

yes, and where? I have my audio files on Google drive.
The Mixcloud don’t work for me?