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Does anyone know where to host .mp3 files?

I have managed to make audio play on click, but only if the source for my audio… is a directly linked .mp3 file.
I used mboxdrive, but the files disappear after a while. I tried soundcloud, but that does not work with the way I have built my site.

Where can I upload files in a similar manner? I don’t mind if its a payed service.

Hey, @Tideboi I have tried Cloudinary you can check them out and give a try!

digitalocean spaces has a pretty simple cdn, uses the same api as s3. With the following link you get 100$ for 60 days.

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I’m developing an educational quiz platform for a client which needs lots of audio files (mp3 & wav) to be played on demand and I’m using Dropbox. It works just fine as long as you change the last number in the shared URL from a 0 to a 1.