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Podcast/Radio show Audio CMS (Places to upload audio?)

Hello all,

Let’s say you need to make a site for a podcast or radio show that has daily and/or weekly audio episode that need to be published (not live). Since there is no functionality for uploading files to CMS yet (and based on the past, they might only add functionality for PDF’s and such in the future, unfortunately), what are some good places to upload audio files that you can then use the URL in a CMS website? I’m looking for suggestions aside from the obvious ones like Dropbox and Google Drive.


SoundCloud is also supported by embedly.

Michael, for podcasts, soundcloud is free, but I heard they are in trouble.
Among the paid ones, I like and use Spreaker.

I also run a radio show (not live, recorded, mostly to loop my content). I use and have embedded it on my webflow page ( It was real easy. Please note is a paid product, and therefore better than most others.

Thanks for your replies guys! I’m more so looking for places to host the audio files so I can grab the URL and use the HTML 5 audio player, as opposed to embedding Sound Cloud’s or other similar players.

This might help.

In that case use Amazon S3

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