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Using Webflow to create and manage a blog


I’ve read in some messages here in the forum that you’re working on adding CMS features to Webflow.

Is this correct?

If yes, is there an approximate release date for the update?

I have to start a blog project soon and I would love to use Webflow for it :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!


I too would like to know - is there anywhere we can see a roadmap of some kind?



Is there any update on this at all??

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Hi @Cesc_Vilanova, @OvertonGraphics and @Ashley_Ledran, we appreciate your patience, we are working to get things ready, but we do not have an official release date or exact functionality to announce yet. We will inform on the Forum and in the Tool when those updates are released. I know it is hard to wait. In the meantime, I would plan to use Webflow existing feature set until we have new updates released.

Cheers, Dave

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