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Using udesly to connect your website with Shopify

hi everybody,

I’ve read something about Udesly and I’m wondering if anybody here has used it. I want Ideal as a payment method on my website but webflow does not support it. With udesly you can link your website to Shopify so you can create a checkout with Shopify. I want to know if it works and if you want to change something to your website, do you have to go back to webflow to change it and than convert it back to udesly. And does this work better or is Foxy better. I can’t really find a good tutorial on how both of them work. Still a lot of questions… I chose a template with Ecommerce so I want to change it with my own pictures and text and change the shop as well but I can’t find anywhere if you have to make your shop with foxy or you can make your shop in webflow and at the end just connect the two so you’ve got the checkout you want. Sorry, my English writing is not so great. I hope you understand what I am trying to say.