Switching from Webflow e-commerce to Shopify (Udesly)

Hi Guys,

I am using Webflow e-commerce for a couple of years now after a long hesitation between Webflow and Shopify. Webflow is the best platform to design a site as a non-developper, Shopify is the best platform to run an online store. So I am starting to consider splitting my site between both platform, using Udesly as the connexion between them.

Since the 3.0 Update, it looks like the process has been dramatically improved and it is now easier than ever to use the adapter.

My concerns are:

  • does it actually work in the real life ?
  • what will happen to the cart and checkout customization ?

I also have built some custom UX such as modal system for restock notification (based on current product name) and instagram feed (based on CMS collection populated with Integromat/Make). I don’t want to lose these features nor be forced to buy an app that would not be customizable on the Shopify marketplace. I am asking too much ?

To sum up, I am convinced Shopify will massively help me grown my brand on everything related to sales but keeping a clean and personalized site is something really important for me.