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Any way to use webflow offline?

I’ll be travelling for 17 hours next week and would like to work on my projects while in the air. Is there any way I can use webflow offline?


Hi @MikeStvnsn right now there’s no way of working offline. Technically, you can keep working on your site without internet and when you reconnect back to the internet your changes will be saved to the server - but this is very risky. I wish I had a better answer for you!

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I guess the better answer might be, “That’s a great question! We may or may not have that on our roadmap, but there’s a lot of interest in this topic. I’ll certainly pass this comment along to our team! But to answer your technical question, you can use Webflow while offline, but we don’t recommend this as Webflow is not designed to work while offline.” :smile:

I only write this, because the company I’m with is always asking me if Webflow can work offline, or if it can be installed in a standalone server (because we are behind a huge firewall - you can’t even imagine how big). Both anwers are “No.” - but it would be nice to be able to download a “Webflow” app that allowed me to work while not connected to the Internet. I’d pay at least $300 for this functionality. It could spin up a localhost server (like Axure) - and let me preview on my own browser.


A simple chrome extention would already do the trick, webflow would just have to push the updated content to its own servers. It would take a lot less time than to develop an entirely new app for OS X, Windows and/or Linux.


As someone who has a lot of experience developing chrome extensions, that is a very sound idea.

In regards to your other statement; You would not have to build separate apps for Linux Windows and Mac as they would all be written in a browser-friendly API with an OS-specific wrapper. Check out Pinegrow.


Damn - I have a 23 hour flight to Australia and was hoping to get plenty done, suddenly occurred to me that the service is web-based.

Well worth revisiting an offline working mode if you want to capture the digital nomad market.