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Spammer getting through re-captcha

I am having issues with spam getting through my re-captcha on my form. I keep getting spam form a John Miller from “” I’m getting a lot of email from this person. I know they are spam and cuz the domains it says are expiring are under GoDaddy and I know they are fine. All of the domains are forwarded to my website so I know that’s how they are getting them. Is there anything I can do about this? It’s wasting my form submissions and just in general annoying…

Webflow does not provide additional spam filtering so you would need to migrate to a form handler that does. You can explore integrations in the University. I use Basin and don’t have spam issues (I use reCAPTCHA plus honeypot fields. Clients are very happy.

I get this same spam on ALL our Webflow sites, even with recaptcha.

A reason I use basin. They incorporate spam filtering using Akismet and CleanTalk. Used in conjunction with reCAPTCHA and spam is mostly none. Just a few manuals get through. I am running over 30+ forms and never here about issues from clients. You could explore Integromat or Zapier as an alternative to a form processor. There are other good providers listed in the University under integrations. Good luck.

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