Using more than one language in Webflow pages

Hi, I am looking to create a site which will have more than one language on many web pages. Is this possible in Webflow? I understand translation is possible. However, I am not really looking for translation. As an example, can a page have English text and use other language text like Indian, Chinese or Arabic - basically languages that don’t use the ABC written characters.

I would prefer to use Webflow, however, I am trying to be realistic, and know that Webflow is not the best product for every situation. So, would you recommend I use Webflow on a project like this, or would you recommend I stick with something like Wordpress for this one?

Thank you.

hi @RyanUK when you look for answer on this forums you will get many responses that may answer your question. Here is just a few of them but feel free to use forum search input to find more if need.

Hi, I read some of the threads above, especially the open letter to Webflow. It makes me a little worried, because I invest time in learning Webflow, even though it’s for personal use.

I will probably not use Webflow for multi language site.

Hi @RyanUK Look around this forum to find more pros and/or cons to decide. IMO WF is a great platform for profile or product landing pages and for ML projects you still can inject 3d party services into WF .

I have currently stopped using and recommending WF while keeping pro account as I still hope for better tomorrows “promised” with WF. :wink:

Hi Stan, I want WF to succeed. I am heavily invested in it. However, struggles of people who are even more invested in it then me, and use it on a larger scale then me is a little concerning, because I am hoping that it’s something I can scale. Thanks.

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