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Using custom font names (ultimately for FontAwesome)

Is there a way to specify a custom font name (one that isn’t provided in the UI dropdown).

My use-case:

I have include FontAwesome CSS using a tag . So, while the FontAwesome font is available for use in the browser, it’s not available in the dropdown. I tried a work-around where I ALSO uploaded the FontAwesome font manually. This gave me a font named “FontAwesome” in the dropdown. After creating a class using that font name, I was able to delete the font from the site settings UI and the class using the FontAwesome font still works (even in the editor).

I’ve seen other work-flows that get FontAwesome working but only after publishing…this workflow works in the edit/design mode but there are some use-cases where I cannot use the class directly on elements (ie: in a Rich Text Element).

Hope that makes sense, and thanks in advance!

You can upload font awesome into the dashboard of the site and then select it via the dropdown. You should never have to use tags for custom fonts in webflow.

I don’t really understand why you would want to do it any other way.

Thanks @DFink , I appreciate it the link. That is the clearest explanation of the feature I’ve seen.

The reason I would like to use a link to a CDN copy of a FontAwesome CSS file is because it allows caching of FontAwesome across sites vs. requiring a user to re-download FontAwesome just for my (and every other Webflow website).

CDN is built into webflow’s hosting. Most other hosts like bluehost also offer this feature for free.

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