Adding additional web fonts

I see that you have some fonts pre populated that I can choose. Is there a way to add additional fonts to the library that are separate from your library?

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Oooooh yeah baby! We already have that built in. I just need to style it to make it easy to use for you guys!


Hey @blaudner, we have a super-beta implementation of custom fonts that we’d like your feedback on. You can find it on the Fonts menu in your site settings:

Once you update the fonts there, you will need to refresh your designer to load the additional fonts into the dropdown.

We’ll be improving this (a lot) in the near future, and will be making it available directly from the designer, but hoping this works for you for a first pass.


focus the combo box and use up/down arrows the preview the list…would be a nice feature

The only thing I find odd is, certain fonts cannot be found on the list, but are available on the Google Fonts link.

Is there a reason? I’m looking at PT Sans and Lato in this particular case :slight_smile:

Stupid me! both fonts are already in the list of fonts available. doh

Any chance we could add other fonts besides Google and Typekit fonts?

Hi Jeff. We will be supporting @font-face in the future. Is that what you were thinking? Or is there a particular service you have in mind?

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Yes, @font-face would be very nice. When do you believe this feature will be available?

Not too soon. We’re working on building core functionality like multiple pages, navigation, etc. But it’s totally on our list and we will try to get to it as soon as we can!

Cufon would be nice too, those are the top 3 I work with

Any plans to add cloud-typography fonts from H&FJ? Keep up the awesome work.

We have many plans! Make font selection more robust is one of them. :slight_smile:


I am trying to use Entypo from

From reading this thread, I am assuming there is not away for me to do this using the fonts menu in settings.

Is there a way I can import the font myself by editing the CSS? I have not found anyway for me to cut and paste code directly into the CSS.

There’s no way of doing that right now, but we’ll be working on it soon!


Are you planning to add or

Specially having access to webfonts from will be very very useful!

Willing to see it implemented soon. :slight_smile:



I agree @francodesign EXCEPT only the free fonts could realistically be added, making things more difficult.

However, just including the free fonts is still a great idea.


My dream would be to have the ability to blend Typecast with Webflow. I’d then be able to ditch Photoshop as my primary design tool. #justsayin


@iconscious - what specific features of Typecast would you like to see in Webflow? Access to more fonts?

I’m trying to use Helvetica Neue UltraLight 25 from and having really odd results that are too complex to go into great depth on at the moment. Here are the highlights though:

  • I have pasted the code into the custom code header section.
  • I have selected Helvetica Neue from the webflow font picker, and the dimmed but selectable “100 Thin” weight as the closest guess. (Tested with “400 Normal” too, didn’t help.)
  • On the PC*, the font is not found, indicating that the connection to is not being made.
  • Depending on other aspects of the underlying style for any given instance, it is being rendered as:
    • Times: serif-100: ‘Helvetica Neue’, serif
    • Helvetica: Helvetica-100: ‘Helvetica Neue’, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif
  • I tried adding a custom attribute to one instance, using font-face for the attribute name (thinking it would override or at least append to the existing font-face attributes in the css), and HelveticaNeueW01-UltLt, the web font name for the attribute. Doing so made instances of one class that otherwise rendered as Times render as Helvetica, though I’m at a loss to explain how it affected the fallback font list.

@thesergie - How are things coming along with integration? Are there any effective workarounds I can use to get the fonts working, until it’s really integrated?

*On the Mac everything looks fine, but Helvetica Neue UltraLight is one of the built-in fonts, unlike the PC, so my browsers are just rendering using the local font, not the webfont. I don’t know if it’s worth worth noting, but the “100 Thin” weight in webflow does seem to be mapping on the Mac to the desired Helvetica Neue UltraLight 25, despite the disparity in name (UltraLight vs. Thin) and weight numbering systems (25 vs 100).