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Account wide font upload


After last week workshop about making a dashboard in webflow i been wondering if it would be possible to get account wide font upload.

For example Font Awesome can be used in a lot of website project would be nice if we could just upload it on our account setting and use it in every project we make, instead of uploading it for every project on its own.

Native support for Font Awesome would also be a nice option!

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While I see where you’re going with that idea, I can’t resist giving my two cents on that:

Font-awesome exist because we don’t have a very easy way to add icons to web projects and still easily control their size and color with CSS only. But it exist only because of that, and using an icon font is only… a hack.

Personaly, I used icon fonts and totally stopped to do so because of the hassle it comes with: every time you need a new icon, you need to re upload font files after having generated them again. Or use an online tool with a cloud service for icons fonts (like Fontastic).

I would prefer for Webflow to come up with an icon system based on SVG inline code and classes for styling (color, size but also outline width etc), that could be accessed for all your sites. That would be awesome, and not a hack.