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Webfont hosted by foundry...Anyway to use it in webflow?

This is a general question. I just purchase a font I had planned to use in Webflow, thinking I would get a packaged webfont to download and upload into the Webflow font manager.

Instead, I have to link the font to my domain and then paste a code:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="" type="text/css" />

Into my site’s header. Is there a way to do that AND pull the font into the designer so I can use it while designing? Or will I need to somehow get

font-family: "Font Name Here";

To associate with each heading I want to use?

Sorry if this isn’t clear, but any help is appreciated. Basically, I want to use a font that I can’t legally upload into Webflow.

I should add, I put this in my header and referenced the H6 tag. When I use H6 in webflow it does not look like the correct font, but when I publish it IS correct. So technically, it works, but designing with the wrong font is not ideal. Any work around for getting it into the Webflow font list without actually uploading? :grimacing:

You could create a style block embedded in the head that assigned the font face to specific elements (CSS). Then you should see the font for those elements in the designer.

Thanks for chiming in! So I have the embed in the head…it’s assigned to “H6” in my example. When I set a font to H6, it does not look like the font I have dictated in the header (in the designer), and I cannot select the font being referenced in the custom code. However, when I publish the site, H6s DO appear correctly.

I’m not sure I follow what you are suggesting to get the font to appear in the Webflow font list selector? Are you saying there is a way to suggest the font to a webflow designer specific class that would trigger it to render properly in the designer?

Thanks again for taking the time to reply to me!

Mind sharing a RO link to your project. I can then see what is going on myself and maybe come up with a solution.

i have use another webfont , and it only display in push site.
designer not display

If I understand you correctly, this is because you have to add the Webflow design environment to the list of permitted domains in your font project on the Typotheque website.

You should check that you have something like as well as https://yourdomainnamehere listed. Typotheque will not serve the required font files to your page unless you are viewing it in any of the domains listed in your Typotheque project.

HTH (accepting it’s a fairly old post by now)