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Using Collection Template as the home default page

Fairly new to web flow.

I have a collection template with associated CMS content in and ideally i’d like to make this the default page. So the site starts on a record of CMS content. So for example say i’ve got a collection /content and a reference /home then i’d like the main site to use


as the default home page.

But so far i cannot see any way to do this, it appears that the home page has to be a self contained page, not a collection?

Any advice, gratefully received!

Have you tried duplicating the collection page and using that as your homepage?

I don’t think you can duplicate a collection page? I can’t see to and the key question is how to use that as a home page?

The normal template has the little home icon but in reality this should be a single page website with dynamic content on that single page. To me it seems pretty basic which is why i think i’m missing something obvious!


Hmm. You can wrap all the page elements in a div and copy paste into a new page.

True, i’ve managed to do that, thanks.

But the core question is it doesn’t seem possible to create a CMS based single page site because the home page cannot be a collection template? I guess using a dynamic list is the way forward in this case? Seems like a bit of a limitation though?


I’m guessing it’s because the collection pages are dynamically filled by content and if you simply made a collection but made no items and that template page is the only page, your site would not have anything on it which could cause a lot of problems trying to publish nothing.

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