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How to make a collection template my home page?

Is there anyweay to eliminate my homepage and assign one of my collection template pages as my home page?

Did you mean assign the collection list page instead? You cannot set the collection template page (single item), as it wouldn’t know which item to display, as each item in the collection has it’s own URL.

A collection list page is created like any other pages, which you can set as home page.

Thanks, but can it a collection list page consist of dynamic content ?(I was only able to do that on a collection template page)…

Yes, by using a dynamic list component. You can limit the list to display one if necessary.

oh, I got it! so what would be the use for the ‘collection template page’?

The normal page with the dynamic list, is to display a list of all the items in the collection.

Linking to the Template page, displays more details on the current selected item.

You should refer to the CMS tutorial here to properly understand the basics:

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